Lever Hoist

Lever hoist are manufactured in accordance with 2006/EC Annex I & EM13157 & ANSI/ASME. ANSI/ASME B30.16 Standard for overhead hoists. This high performance lever hoists is engineered for heavy duty industrial service.



Features include

  • Single-hand control of free chain function with load brake
  • Grade 80~100 high quality load chain
  • Light weight compact design
  • Durable powder painting finish
  • Double pawl design for additional safety
  • Non asbestos friction disc
  • Long life friction discs.

Optional Items

  • Overload protection safety signal device
  • Corrosion resistant plated hoist body with load chains
  • Spark resistant hoist
  • Shipyard hook

Operating Conditions and Environment

Temperature range: -20° to 50°C

Lever Hoist Specification

Capacity (TON)ModelLoad Chain Dia (mm) x Chain Fall LinesLoad Chain GradeNet Weight
0.25MG251.24.0 x 1802
0.8MG081.56.3 x 1 808
1MG101.56.3 x 1808.5
1.5MG151.57.1 x 18011
2MG201.57.1 x 110012
3MG301.59.0 x 110017
6MG601.59.0 x 210026
7.5MG751.59.0 x 310042
9MG901.59.0 x 310048
12MG1201.59.0 x 410054
15MG1501.59.0 x 4100114

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